Woman’s Voice radio program in Uganda -already for 10 years

Enid2006 We have been funding a radioprogram run by the local Christian women in Western Uganda since 2004 by paying 30 minutes of airtime for the Voice of Kigezi station.

Enid Origumisiriza has been coordinating the program from its beginning. Initially the idea for the program came from pastor Medad Birungi and his wife Constance and their friends who lived in the same town. The program is running under World Shine Ministries led by Medad Birungi.

Woman’s Voice has become over time the most listened to radio program during its time of broadcast on Saturday mornings. This comes out from the listener research reports collected by Voice of Kigezi.

The interest on the radio program is based on the fact the program continuously gives voice to new groups of people whose voice has traditionally not been heard, like those without children, widows or elderly.

Radioreports sent to us by Enid can be read here. (some of them in English)